Sunday, December 26, 2010

Progress so Far...

Okay! Gotta start somewhere, and I'm a couple months into my current project, a turbojet engine based on the large diesel turbocharger shown below.
This is a very large Holset ST-50 turbocharger from a Cummins diesel generator set.
A gas turbine engine is, very simply, a fan to compress the air, a combustor to burn fuel with the air, and a turbine which is driven by the hot gasses produced by the combustor, and which spins the compressor "fan".
A diesel turbocharger is a radial flow compressor, and a radial flow turbine. Two essential elements of a gas turbine engine. The key components I must add are the combustor, a fuel system, and an oil system to accomodate the fragile turbocharger. Here's what I've got done so far:
I've fabricated a stainless steel combustion chamber, an engine frame, and mounted some oil system components so far.
 I'm looking forward to continuing this project, and sharing the ride with as many as who may be interested. :)

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