Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Birth of a Fuel System

My project for today was mounting the Shurflow 60psi, 1gpm fuel pump, as well as the fuel pressure regulator. I'm running out of real-estate in my "fashionably slim" frame, and had to situate it up front. I used my new favorite plumbing, aluminum flare, to make all the connections.
 Theres a bulky pressure switch at the front of the pump, I won't be using this.

 The plastic line connected to the pressure regulator is whats called a MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) reference line. In a car, this would be connected to the intake manifold downstream some forced air system, like a turbocharger. This pressurizes the back of the diaphgram in the regulator, allowing a constant pressure (relative to the "manifold" pressure) to be delivered to the injectors, no matter what kindof boost your making. Clever, huh?
Now its starting to look like something :)

Equipment Upgrade!

So Christmas and a birthday have been a blast, as I've received some equipment from my gracious mom and dad, and bought some more, having earned some money working at Topsy's Popcorn at Crown Center in downtown Kansas City. I now have a mill with some ass behind it! My new 100 pound Harbor Freight Micro Mill will help expand my machining capabilities, as well as a full set of end-mills, a digital caliper, a digital indicator and test stand, a giant turns-every-which-way-and-holds-pretty-much-everything shop vice, and a milling vice. I couldn't be happier with my setup, and can't wait to dive in and learn a little about milling!

Oil System Progress:

I've recently purchased several parts for the turbo's oil system. This includes a Fimco 2.1 GPM pump, a remote oil filter adapter, an automotive oil cooler and fan, and a scrap stainless reservoir from a soda-machine carbonation system. I tapped (with considerable difficulty) a 1/4" NPT thread underside the oil reservoir to feed the pump, and welded in some supports for the equipment. All the connections were made 3/8" flared aluminum tubing. Not too shabby. :o)
The main components of the oil system. The radiator has 10-AN fittings (which require a 37* flare, rather than the 45* I've been using, to seal properly), which I need to order adapters for.

The underside of the oil system.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Progress so Far...

Okay! Gotta start somewhere, and I'm a couple months into my current project, a turbojet engine based on the large diesel turbocharger shown below.
This is a very large Holset ST-50 turbocharger from a Cummins diesel generator set.
A gas turbine engine is, very simply, a fan to compress the air, a combustor to burn fuel with the air, and a turbine which is driven by the hot gasses produced by the combustor, and which spins the compressor "fan".
A diesel turbocharger is a radial flow compressor, and a radial flow turbine. Two essential elements of a gas turbine engine. The key components I must add are the combustor, a fuel system, and an oil system to accomodate the fragile turbocharger. Here's what I've got done so far:
I've fabricated a stainless steel combustion chamber, an engine frame, and mounted some oil system components so far.
 I'm looking forward to continuing this project, and sharing the ride with as many as who may be interested. :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Starting Up!

I've got a website now! Kindof... At least anyone who's interested in the things I do can refer to something.