Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oil System Progress:

I've recently purchased several parts for the turbo's oil system. This includes a Fimco 2.1 GPM pump, a remote oil filter adapter, an automotive oil cooler and fan, and a scrap stainless reservoir from a soda-machine carbonation system. I tapped (with considerable difficulty) a 1/4" NPT thread underside the oil reservoir to feed the pump, and welded in some supports for the equipment. All the connections were made 3/8" flared aluminum tubing. Not too shabby. :o)
The main components of the oil system. The radiator has 10-AN fittings (which require a 37* flare, rather than the 45* I've been using, to seal properly), which I need to order adapters for.

The underside of the oil system.

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